What To Pay Attention To After Hair Transplantation

After hair transplantation, there are some factors that you should follow and pay attention to. After hair transplantation, our doctor will share with you what you need to do. You can ask our doctor about everything you are interested in through your health consultant, who represents you for everything that is on your mind when you return home. Remember, the process of hair transplantation operation will continue until you get your old hair back.

1. Day

1 after the operation. if our doctor sees fit on the day, PRP treatment will be applied for your hair. 1 in a soft bandage that is installed to prevent swelling that occurs after the hair transplant operation from landing on your eye part. the day will be brought forth.

3. Day

After hair transplantation, our nurses will give you supplements and medications that you should use in writing. 2 with washing shampoos. The first wash will be done on the day. Our nurses will do the washing themselves to show you how to do it when you go home. Definitely wash with lotions shown by our nurses and given to you.

8. Day

These days, the healing process of planted hair will progress, and the roots will be kept healthy. At this stage, it is natural to experience a feeling of itching. Make sure you don't scratch itchy areas with your nails. You can damage the roots and scalp.

4 Week

After hair transplantation, micro-wounds and scars formed on the head will be lost within these 15 to 30 days. Hair transplantation will not be obvious and you will get your natural appearance.

1 - 3 Month

It is defined as a shock shedding phase between 1 month and 3 months. At this stage, the planted hair will fall out very quickly and your new hair will start to grow in its place. Do not be alarmed that my hair is falling out.

4 - 5 Month

The transplanted hair will continue to grow and become thicker.

6 - 12 Month

At this stage, hair transplantation is progressing towards the result, and 90% of your hair will reach the result. During this process, your hair will grow stronger and thicken.

12 - 15 Month

The planted hair will come out completely and become combed as before. During these months, your hair will reach the desired result of 100%. Now you can continue to live with your strong, natural-looking, and long hair.