Beard and Mustache Transplantation

Men’s sakes and mustaches are seen as the style of almost all men in today’s world. Beard and mustache transplantation is one of the surgical procedures performed in people who have not grown or lost beards and mustaches for certain reasons. Let’s examine together how the procedure works.

What Is The Method Used In Beard Transplant?

It is possible to make beard and mustache transplantation with the methods used in the hair transplantation process. For beard transplantation, it is enough to shave the root area (back of the head) enough to wear the graft without having to shave completely. Since the Graft areas will be opened in small channels, they can be closed with existing hair after the operation. A suitable method for beard cultivation is the FUE method. In addition to applying the method, it is a very sensitive operation that does not accept errors and must be transplanted according to the person’s facial lines.

Beard and Moustache Transplant Steps

* Preliminary Consultation
* Preparation for operation by nurses
* Removal of beard transplantation grafts from the nape region
* Opening channels according to drawing according to patient request during pre-consultation
* Transfer of grafts stored under favorable conditions to opened channels
* Doctor’s check and dressing

Eligible Candidates

In this treatment, which is suitable for people who have never grown a beard and mustache or lost it for certain reasons, it is necessary that the person has sufficient graft in the nape area to perform the beard transplantation process. Enough graft numbers are needed to close the area where Beard transplantation will be performed. In some exceptional cases, beard transplantation is also performed using body hair.