What To Pay Attention To Before Hair Transplantation

You have decided on a hair transplant operation and you will come to Turkey for the operation. We recommend that you examine the following items before coming. Before the hair transplantation, you should definitely pay attention to them.

Health Issues

Although hair transplantation is a micro-surgical procedure, health problems should definitely be taken into account. If you have previous surgeries or medications that you use, please share them with our health consultants.


Be careful not to smoke or drink alcohol the day before the operation. Because smoking slows blood flow, it will prolong the healing process of wounds and make darkening in the area where the hair transplant is performed. Another side effect of smoking will prevent healing and hair growth. Because alcohol accelerates blood flow, the blood flow during the operation is excessive and can interact with anesthesia, causing side effects.

Day Of Operation

On the day of the operation, when you arrive at our clinic, our team will have you ready for the operation. If you wear a button-down shirt or similar outfit from the front when coming to the operation, it will be easier for you to wear it after the operation. Clothing that should be worn from your head is recommended as it will carry the risk of removing planted grafts.

DHI, FUE Process

When you come to hair transplant treatment, you should have a light breakfast if your appointment time is morning. If you are not hungry for operations that coincide with Noon, we will serve food after the operation. You should have taken your sleep by going to bed early at night and pay attention to the rules of personal hygiene.

Important note

When entering the operation, you can deliver your phone and personal belongings to our medical consultants or relatives who come with you. Anyone close to the operations section will not be taken. If your relatives who come with you wish, they can wait in the cafe section of our clinic or in the guest waiting rooms.