5 Nisan 2021

Are There Any Side Effects of Hair Transplantation?

Are There Any Side Effects of Hair Transplantation?Hair transplant operations are micro surgical operations applied for aesthetic purposes. As in all operations performed for aesthetic purposes, […]
2 Nisan 2021

Is Hair Transplant a Painful Operation?

Hair transplantation, which is mostly preferred by men, is a ray of hope for many people. The progress of hair transplant technology day by day makes […]
2 Nisan 2021

Hair Transplant Planning

One of the most important issues in hair transplant operations is to have a natural-looking hair transplant. There is an expectation of having the hair that […]
2 Nisan 2021

Who Can Have Hair Transplantation?

Who Can Have Hair Transplantation? The important point to be known about hair transplant operations, which are performed by many people today and are getting more […]
7 Şubat 2017

When Does Will The Implanted Hair grow?

One of the questions that people who have and will have hair transplantation are most curious about is the question of “When will the transplanted hair […]