FUE Hair Transplant (Classical FUE Follicular Unit Extraction)

FUE hair transplantation (follicular unit extraction) method is the process of transferring the roots taken from the back of the head to the bald area by opening a canal under local anesthesia compared to the pain threshold of the candidates. The FUE hair transplantation method, which has been applied since 2003, is being performed using different tools and still continues to be developed. With FUE, root extraction (graft) from the nape area (donor area) varies from person to person. Each candidate’s hair thickness and the number of hair in the roots vary. Generally, this figure is 2 to 3 hairstyles. Roots are removed from the root area with tweezers with the help of micro-motor needles with a diameter of 0.6 mm to 1.0 mm. The extracted roots are kept in a special solution to preserve their vitality. How much hair follicle the candidate needs will be determined by the doctor during the preliminary consultation.

How is hair transplantation done with the FUE method?

The first process of hair transplantation with the FUE method is the preparation for the operation, which is a preliminary consultation. The preparation process of the patient is as follows.
To learn the wishes of the patient (Hairline, combing style, and previous hairstyle)
Surgical gown to dress comfortably after the operation
Photographs are taken to follow before and after
If it is not an unshaved hair transplant, their hair is shaved 3mm shorter.
The most advanced technique in hair transplantation with the latest technology is the FUE (Follicular unit extraction) technique.
After the hairline is drawn by taking the request of the patient, the donor area where the grafts will be taken will be anesthetized with local anesthesia and the removal process will begin. The hair taken from the donor area is arranged in a special storage solution and kept in 5-degree cabinets. The important thing in this part is to keep the hair follicles at the right temperature. This will minimize root loss. In the FUE method, the root extraction process from the donor area takes about 3 hours.
Afterward, channels are opened with the help of micro-motor in the number of hair follicles taken to the areas where the drawing is made. The most important thing to be careful about in grooving is that the motor does not rotate too fast or too slow. FUE hair transplantation method is completed by transferring the channels opened under the supervision of a doctor with expert healthcare professionals. The operation takes 6 – 7 hours in total.

Will there be any scars after FUE Hair Transplant?

After FUE hair transplantation, tiny scar spots may occur in the nape where the hair follicles are taken. These scars will not be very noticeably permanent. After the operation, this part will be completely covered after your existing hair grows. With the growth of your existing hair, there will be no visible scars in hair transplantation with the FUE method.

Things to pay attention to after hair transplant with FUE Method

Regardless of the method, hair transplantation islands should pay attention to the operation area in the first week. In order to prevent swelling that may occur in the head area after the operation, the bandage will be removed 1 or 2 days after the operation. Your hair should be washed daily, as recommended by your doctor, and with the shampoo given to you after the operation, slowly and without pressing. Scabs will shed after 7 days. We can list the things you need to pay attention to after the operation as follows;
You should stay away from social activities such as sauna, bath, and pool.
You should protect the hair transplantation area from intense sunlight.
Take care to sleep with the neck pillow given to you while you sleep. You shouldn’t hurt your hair by hitting the pillow or any part of your bed.
You should stay away from wearing tight and tight hats.
You must protect it from natural precipitation such as rain and snow.
You should be careful not to smoke and drink too much alcohol. (The healing time of wounds will be longer and your hair follicles will collect more blood. As a result, the shade of hair transplantation will appear more intense red.

Does the FUE hair transplant method cause pain?

After the operation, the donor area (back of the head) will be creamed and wrapped with bandages. This is applied in order to sleep more comfortably and to prevent bleeding. This bandage will be removed within a few days. With your operation, you may experience mild pain in the evening, although it is not certain. In case of such mild pain, you can continue your social life with zero pain by using the pain relief pills prescribed by your doctor in appropriate doses.

What is the hair growth process after the operation?

The hair follicles transferred to the baldness area become stronger by clinging to the scalp within a maximum of 1 week. After the operation, you should be very careful about washing the hair and shedding the scabs. Hair sheds in 1 month, which we call shock shedding, and begins to grow again. (The hair loss here is not the root, but the hairs. This situation should not scare you.) While the front line area, which we call the golf area, reaches the level to be shaved within 6 months, the hair transplanted to the upper regions shows an extension up to the 12th month.

You should avoid these in the FUE Hair transplant method!

As with any operation, there is a healing process in hair transplantation. You should stay away from these in order to get through this process very healthy and smoothly;
It will be very beneficial to go on leave for 1 week or 10 days before the operation.
Before the surgery, you should definitely take blood thinners, depressants, painkillers, vitamin pills, etc. You should not use pills.
You should definitely not drink alcohol for 48 hours before the operation and 3 days after the operation.
You should reduce smoking to minimum levels.
On the day of the operation, you should be careful to wear shirts, not sweaters, t-shirts and similar clothes.

Who is FUE Hair Transplant Suitable For?

All women and men who do not have any health problems against hair transplantation between the ages of 25 – 60 can have hair transplantation. You can find out your suitability for hair transplantation from your doctor with a free preliminary consultation. Candidates who experience hair loss at early age should be expected to complete the shedding completely, or hair transplantation should be performed after performing the procedure in order to prevent the loss of existing hair.

Micro-Motor is a Method of Hair Transplantation

Micro-motor is a method of hair transplantation with the device used in the FUE hair transplantation technique. With the micro-motor method, both the hair follicle is taken from the donor area and the amount of hair planted in the balding areas is increasing dramatically. However, the space of hair from the donor area is a serious concern for patients who want to have hair transplantation. Generally, the grafts are removed from the very small areas by the micromotor.
Automatic sowing maximizes the risk of follicle root damage, as the micro-motor produces heat during the ingestion process and cannot be manually controlled as precisely as the manual punch, the vibration of the device may become traumatic, the skin may be injured and even the hair graft may be damaged. With manual techniques from the donor area, grafts can be more laborious and more time-consuming, and more precise. Although there is a risk of wound in the donor area, the sowing rate and micro motor technique are preferred by both patients and surgeons.

Classic FUE Hair Transplant Review

The most common method used in hair transplantation in recent years is Fue hair transplantation. Fue hair transplantation method; hair is taken from the two ears of the ensemble individually with the Micro-Motor. After this procedure, there is no scarring in your incisors. Micro-Motor is used in the process of taking hair roots.
The special tips we call Punch attached to the end of the Micro-Motor vary from person to person. Punch thickness varies from 0.6 to 0.9 mm. The thickness of the punches is chosen according to the size of the person’s hair root. Thanks to the punch attached to the micro-motor end, it cuts around the bristle roots and this is again collected with a special collet (a tool that looks like a clip). The collected hair follicles are counted into special water. The number of hair roots purchased varies according to the neck area and openness. The advantage of the FUE method over other methods is that there are no traces of the intake at the neck. After the first ten days of crusting the area will look natural as if nothing had been done.