What Is Dhi Hair Transplantation?

DHI hair transplantation, unlike other methods, is a manual hair transplantation process performed in some stages with special residues called Choi pen. In fact, this is not a method of hair transplantation, because the stages performed in the FUE method are different. In DHI hair transplantation, grooving, and transfer operations are performed simultaneously with Choi pen.
DHI Hair Transplant; Within the DHI methodology, the process barely differs from the standard FUE transplant approach. As ordinary, the grafts (or hair follicles) are far away from the donor space after which saved in a particular nutrient answer. The innovation lies in using the Choi Implanter Pen, the software that permits for direct transplantation of the grafts without having to create channel incisions within the donor space first. The positioning creation and the graft insertion are carried out concurrently in DHI. Though this process is extra time-consuming and thus permits transplanting solely a sure variety of grafts, it brings essentially the most natural-looking outcomes. To test whether or not a DHI hair transplant is the best choice in your case, we provide a free hair diagnostic. Our guide will consider the situation of your hair and scalp, in addition to estimating what number of grafts must be transplanted. Please keep in mind, that we don’t suggest the present process of a hair surgical procedure to these youthful than 25, because the hair loss sample is probably not established at this age but.

Stages Of Dhi Hair Transplantation

Dhi hair transplantation operations are performed by our doctor in our clinic. In this section, we will list DHI hair transplantation procedures for you.
Hair follicles (grafts) are removed from the back of the head for the area of hair transplantation, as in the FUE method, along with determining the area to be transplanted.
The removed grafts are carefully placed in a special pen that we call Choi. After the hair roots are placed in the pen very carefully, they are given to the doctor who performs the transplantation. In this way, doctor Choi manually transfers all the roots to the baldness area one by one with his pen.
Here it is important to plant the hair follicles with 40 to 50-degree deficits. Another important element, along with the angle at which the planting is performed, is the planting of hair follicles in the channels in the direction in which the patient Combs their hair.
Choi pens used in Dhi hair transplantation are transferred to the skin at a certain angle by pushing feature. A total of 10 pens and about 20 Choi tips are used in the treatment. The properties of Choi pens vary depending on the patient’s hair thickness and roots.

What Are The Advantages Of Dhi Hair Transplantation?

* Planted hair will provide an excellent natural look.
* Graft loss before and after the operation will be minimal.
* 95% of the planted hair will survive.
* The healing process will be very fast. For this reason, you can quickly return to your daily life.
* According to the openness of the October area, it is possible to do hair transplantation without shaving.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Dhi Hair Transplantation?

* It is more expensive than FUE method.
* Operation time is longer than other methods.
* Not very suitable for patients with wide opening.
* The doctor and team that will perform transplantation should be absolutely very experienced and careful.

Is Dhi hair transplantation suitable for everyone?

Unfortunately! Dhi hair transplantation is not suitable for patients with a very wide area of baldness. Because it is a manual operation, the operation time is quite tiring and long. It is generally preferred for the front part of the head (golf zones) and the back parts of the peak. If you are eligible for Dhi hair transplantation, you can ask our health consultants on our WhatsApp support line and have detailed information about the treatment.