Frequently asked questions about hair transplant

1When Does The Hair Extensions Come Out?
A fairly long process awaits you after your hair is planted. Patients are very impatient in this process. But these processes are shortened if they are supplemented with appropriate shampoos after vitamins and hair transplantation. The process of healing is ten days after hair transplant surgery is done. After ten days, the hair is shed in the first two months. He then enters a pause period for two months. It starts slowly from the fourth month. Completion time varies according to the area of the hair plant. The first seven months of the front line will be completed one year after the peak area.
2Unshaven Hair Transplantion
Generally hair is cut 0.3 mm short while hair is being planted. However, this shortness of social presence is a major problem for patients. Shaved hair plant means that the area to be planted is not shaved. Although not suitable for the patient, generally; wound-burn and surgical track, golf clubs, small spills on the hill, openings in some parts of the beard. The hair is not cut completely while the unshaven hair is being planted. Enseda opens a window to cover the other hair. In this way, it is possible to camouflage the receiving area until it reaches space again. Moreover, DHI (Direct Hair Transplant) method, which is most popular in shaved hair transplantation, allows for frequent and natural transplanting without the necessity of shaving in the field.
3Does transplanted hair shed?
This is the question the person is most curious about before the hair is transplanted. However, these spills are an inevitable process after hair transplantation. The added hair is poured for the first two months. He then enters a pause period for two months. It starts slowly from the fourth month. Completion time varies according to the area of the hair plant. The first seven months of the front line will be completed one year after the peak area. The added hair is taken from your neck area. Scientific research has revealed that the hair in this area is coded to non-spill.
4FUE Method Hair Transplantation
The most common method used in hair transplantation in recent years is Fue hair transplantation. Fue hair transplantation method; hair is taken from the two ears of the ensemble individually with the Micro-Motor. After this procedure, there is no scarring in your incisors. Micro-Motor is used in the process of taking hair roots. The special tips we call Punch attached to the end of the Micro-Motor vary from person to person. Punch thickness varies from 0.6 to 0.9 mm. The thickness of the punches is chosen according to the size of the person's hair root. Thanks to the punch attached to the micro-motor end, it cuts around the bristle roots and this is again collected with a special collet (a tool that looks like a clips). The collected hair follicles are counted into a special water. The number of hair roots purchased varies according to the neck area and openness. The advantage of the FUE method over other methods is that there are no traces of the intake at the neck. After the first ten days of crusting the area will look natural as if nothing had been done.
5Hair Simulation
Hair simulation is not a method of hair growth. Hair simulation is a tattoo technique known as hair tattoo.In this method they are small points applied to empty spaces with a special tool similar to real hair roots. For the results to be more natural hair should be short while processing. The duration of the hair simulation depends on the area of application. The average varies from 30 minutes to 4 hours. After the procedure, the patient can continue to his or her life on the same day. It can take a warm shower after 4 hours of operation. The hair simulation is made with a special disposable needle for personal use with special devices. If a hair simulation has been performed in advance, it is possible to plant hair in this area. The paint used has no side effects on the body. Do not consult your doctor unless you are fit for a hair simulation.
6Importantce Of Graft (Hair Root) Storage
During hair transplantation operation grafts must be treated with precision. Hair roots to prevent loss of hair roots during hair transplantation care should be taken to minimize the loss of the gain. There are some points that need to be done. The roots should not be damaged when the hair is harvested. It should be placed in special solutions without waiting after being collected. Hair roots should be stored between 2 ° C and 8 ° C, not exceeding 3 hours in a certain cold. A special cooling system developed for this should be used. The grafts can be stored in 3 forms; 1 - Saline Storage (storage in serum) 2 - Hypothermasol Storage 3 - IceGraft Storage
7Which Is The Most Preferred Hair Transplantation Technique?
Nowadays, the DHI technique is preferred by surgeons. The DHI technique provides both faster recovery time and better results. This technique does not need to shave the hair and there are from 6,000 to 7,000 grafts that can be cultivated. After the computerized hair analysis, the hair transplantation technique is decided. After the hair transplantation process, hair follicles can be held with PRP treatment and the hair can be made in better quality and faster.
8What is a prp supported hair transplant?
PRP is a nourishing and restorative serum. The blood from the person is passed through a special procedure and converted into a serum. This serum can be applied to the hairy areas, thinner, and without life. The repairment and density of hair fibers can be achieved with this serum treatment.
9What are the prices of the hair transplant?
The cost calculation is made by looking at the structure of the hair, how many grafts are needed, how many grafts are in the nape area, and the areas of the upper region, the opening of the scalp, and the areas of hair loss. How many grafts are needed and what method should be applied for these parts. If there is a need, it is investigated which supportive treatment should be applied. After all these analyzes, a decision is made by exchanging information with the person who will have the hair transplantation done. While calculating the cost of all these procedures, many factors such as quality of the clinic, and as well hospital conditions and techniques are evaluated together and the cost is deducted.
10How Long Does The Hair Transplantation Operation Last?
The hair transplantation process takes approximately 4 to 6 hours.But this can depend on the number of grafts that need to be taken. No pain is felt during this procedure. Local spray is applied to the area to be transplanted before the operation and after it local anesthesia is applied. In this way, you will be prevented from feeling any kind of pain from the beginning to the end of the operation.
11What Can Be Done During A Hair Transplant?
Hair transplantation is carried out in an extremely comfortable environment. While operation, you can drink your tea or coffee, watch TV or read a book at the same time.
12After Hair Transplantation Will You Have Hair Loss?
Hair grows after the hair transplantation. The hair follicles in the nape area are insensitive to testosterone. One month after hair transplantation, there is a shock phase. This is called the telogen phase. Only in this shock phase the hair is poured and then the hair follicles remain under the skin step by step hair as a thin-stranded curly first, then becomes thicker and thicker over time. This period is 9 months.
13What Should Be Considered After Hair Transplantation?
The first wash is performed in the hair transplantation center. On the 3rd day and in the following days, you will be shown how to wash your hair every day. After 3 days you can do hair washing in your home conditions. Around one week, alcohol and cigarette consumption should be avoided. It is recommended to stay away from activities such as sun rays, solariums and sauna for 2 weeks. Around the 10th day, small crusts occurring at the bottom of the hair will be almost completely cast. This will be given to you with special lotions and shampoos.
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