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For some years, apparent progress in hair transplantation can be seen. Advanced technologies and renewed methods enable uncomplicated surgeries. The general conditions for a professional hair transplantation are fixed conditions that should be prerequisites for every full-fledged clinic. There is a need for great caution in clinics that advertise reduced prices, as most of them do not work under conditions that are necessary. These clinics cloud the market and generate profits through high demands. In the following important general conditions are listed, which should help the reader in choosing the right doctor and clinic.

1. The specialist should definitely be present during the surgery

2. Prior to the surgery, a pre-consultation and blood test should be conducted to provide accurate and personalized advice

3. The surgery should be carried out in company of trained personnel

4. The surgical instruments should be adapted to the method used (FUE: diamond or steel attachment and micro-motor, DHI: Choi pen)

5. Since hair transplantation is a medical procedure, it should only be performed in a sterile full-fledged hospital in accordance with hygiene guidelines

FUE Method

The most common and recent method for hair transplantation is the FUE method. The FUE method consists of three steps: 1. Extraction of the follicular units (grafts), 2. Incision of the channels, 3. Implantation of the removed grafts. In the first step, the grafts are removed from the donor area (back of the head) using a special micro-motor. The micro-motor attachment, also known as punch, has a diameter of 0.6 to 0.9 millimeters, which is selected individually according to hair density and hair follicle thickness. With the punch attachment, the grafts are stamped out, removed with special tweezers and stored cool in an isotonic solution. The number of grafts removed depends on the density of the donor area. The denser the donor area, the more grafts can be removed. However, the maximum number should not exceed 4000 grafts, since otherwise the homogeneous removal cannot be guaranteed. In addition, the scalp can be traumatized in an uncontrolled removal. In contrast to the FUT method (strip method), the FUE method produces no incision and thus no scar after surgery. The surgery usually takes between five to seven hours. A hair transplant with the FUE method costs in average between 1500 and 2500 € in Turkey.

DHI Method

Another method in hair transplantation is the DHI method (Direct Hair Implantation). Two steps are taken during the surgery: 1. Extraction of the follicular units (grafts) 2. Direct manual implantation of the grafts with the special Choi pen. Due to the direct implantation of the grafts, no channels have to be opened in advance. The grafts are placed individually in the Choi pen and implanted directly on the bare surfaces. Here, the growth direction and depth of the grafts are determined. The direct implantation shortens the waiting period of the grafts so that they are transplanted quickly and therefore do not have to be stored cool in isotonic liquid. Due to direct transplantations irritations on the scalp are reduced, so that the healing process becomes shorter. Furthermore, the DHI method allows a denser transplantation, which is above all an advantage for the naturalness of the front hairline. A hair transplant with the DHI method costs on average between 2500 and 3500 € in Turkey.

Correction of hair transplants

In addition to usual surgeries there is a large request for corrections of failed hair transplants by third parties. Patients who have previously undergone a hair transplant and are not satisfied with the outcome or damage visit our clinic for corrective surgeries. Even scars on scalp or beard can be camouflaged by hair transplants.
To avoid generally negative experiences, one should do accurate researches before taking a final decision on a clinic. In the face of increasing inquiries, the market in Turkey is growing steadily. This is the reason for the growth of unprofessional and uneducated clinics, as for they hunt for quantity.

Aftercare of the hair transplant

The hair transplant procedure does not end with the surgery. Even after patients fly back to their homeland after their last aftercare in clinic, continuous observations are necessary until the end result. These observations should be continued until desired results are visible. For this reason, the accessibility of the treating doctor is very important. Especially in emergencies that need to be clarified quickly, accessibility plays an essential role. For this reason, it is very important to involve native assistants and translators in the team. However, this point is not considered by many clinics. Since the expansion of the team is associated with costs, translators are often booked only for the day of the surgery, which are no longer reachable afterwards.
We at AkinMed Hair Transplant focused on the needs of our patients and expanded our team. Our team consists of assistants and interpreters from most visited countries. Thus, our patients have the opportunity to keep in touch with us and reach us whenever they wish.

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