What is PRP?

First, it would be more accurate to answer the question of what is PRP. As a result of the feedback we receive from most patients, PRP is believed to be a method of hair transplantation. PRP is a method of strengthening hair follicles that weaken due to natural causes. This procedure, performed with a person’s own blood sample, is applied to the bottoms of weakened hair follicles. PRP is not a one-time procedure, but a continuous treatment that needs to be done at certain intervals.

When is PRP applied?

Although PRP is a treatment used for alopecia, known as male hair loss, weakening hair roots, it can be applied in combination with hair transplantation treatments. As a result of clinical tests, it plays a big role in regaining the strength of weakened hair. Strengthened hair will be free from the risk of loss. PRP can be used not only for hair but also for rapid healing in weakened tissues.