Alan Zer

Great doctor, nice atmosphere, and very helpful team. The whole surgery took around 4 hours and they transplanted 2600 grafts. There was a little bit of pain but I was prepared for that. Hopefully, there will be no scars after treatment. The doctor explains everything carefully and is very caring. He stayed in touch with us from day one and I felt that he truly cares about me. He also made sure my Fiancée felt comfortable when I had my operation in the clinic. He made sure she has something to drink and to eat. He also took care of our transfer back to the hotel. 5/5 is the only opinion I can give dr. Hanife for this operation. I can’t tell what will be the final result but for now, it looks great. It was a great experience and I am really happy with Hanife’s work!

Niko T.

Sehr gut ? ich hab gerade eine PRP machen lassen zur Stärkung meiner Haare. Es war sehr angenehm hat kaum weh getan. Der Arzt hat eine leichte Hand und beratet sehr gut. Die Klinik ist sauber und modern außerdem ist der Preis nicht teuer. Ich empfehle jedem den Arzt AkinMed


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